Aria Worktops by formica

From the outset, Aria has been developed as a real alternative to natural and engineered stone, without having to compromise on the aesthetic, finish, quality or durability of such work surfaces. Available in a wide range of contemporary and classic designs to enhance any home,
Aria offers the following outstanding properties:


Aria’s solid one piece construction means it is highly impact and abrasion resistant, which is perfectly suited to surviving the toil of day-to-day life.


A fully waterproof worktop enables you to incorporate design features such as under-mounted sinks, curves and drainage grooves. Due to its non-porous properties, Aria’s surface allows you to wipe away spillages from everyday products to keep clean and looking pristine.


Liquids cannot penetrate the surface, making it easy to wipe away spillages. This combined with its inert properties restricts the growth of bacteria and mould.

Simple and low cost installation

Aria worktops can be cut on site and installed using standard tools, which eliminates the time and expense of complex measuring and installation equipment, usually associated with stone and engineered stone alternatives.

Contemporary slim-line design

Modern manufacturing technology enables Aria to be manufactured with two different thicknesses: an ultra slim 12mm for a sleek, modern design effect and a classic 20mm thickness, resembling engineered stone for that sophisticated look.

Flush kitchen designs

Aria worktops gracefully complement traditional and modern kitchen designs, allowing you to match with recessed handle rails for handle-less kitchen designs. The optimised sizes we have created on our worktops and islands allow for personalised features including an overhang, curves or flush fitted kitchens.

Making it personal

With a solid colour core and waterproof structure, Aria worktops allow for the installation of under mounted sinks. Complementary drainage grooves can be routed into the surface to expose the natural core colour, taking contemporary design to a new level.
Create a cascading waterfall effect island as a design statement, incorporating beautiful clean lines for effortless design, resulting in a bold focal point in your kitchen.

Beautiful look and complimentary feel

Pulling inspiration from an array of natural materials, five textures have been selected by our global design team, marrying perfectly to the pure and simple style palette of the Aria surface design. The result is a beautiful effect, giving you the option to go minimalistic or opt for bold touches of your own interior finesse.

Timeless colour and design palette

Our combination of stone, marble and granite effect surfaces are paired with white, grey or black cores for an unassuming style. From fine grains to sophisticated marble veining, a choice of fifteen decors inspired by natural materials from around the world are available in the range. All Aria products are manufactured in the UK.

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